Listening to understand



Listening is a vital part of our life and if we don’t listen we don’t learn and if we don’t learn we will never improve. Failure to listen greatly impacts our ability to succeed in our relationships and career.

I am proud to be a listener in a world where many only strive to be heard. I take full ownership of my ability to listen to others before jumping to conclusions.

Choosing to listen before speaking helps contribute to a more positive outcome of a conversation. I actively pay attention with the aim of finding an amicable solution because my ears are always open.

Listening gives me the opportunity to understand the point of view of those around me. I become empathetic to their plight. This compassion helps me form strong and positive relationships with others.

My listening, open-hearted nature is a gift from the Creator. These abilities allow me to understand others and prevent me from judging unfairly. When I picture myself as a voiceless person and connect with that feeling, I am better able to empathize.

In my experience, understanding comes only from listening, and never from assumption. I recognize that making a decision based on assumptions can be damaging and I vow to protect the innocence of others until solid evidence indicates I should do otherwise.

Try these Self-Reflection Questions to help improve your listening ability:

1. In what ways do I react when someone refuses to listen to my point of view?
2. Do I find it easier to make an informed decision after listening to both sides?
3. How can I cultivate more patience when listening?